Sound of the Wood

Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Contact Person: Eric and Judith Whiteacre

Sound of the Wood™ is a web-based business founded in 2004 by Eric Whitacre, a retired research scientist, amateur musician, song writer and former owner of a 16-track analog recording studio. Eric’s passion for restoring, rebuilding and modifying AR turntables, a pastime since the mid-1970’s eventually grew into a small business.

21st Century demand for classic high-performance turntables and limited AR table availability led to the creation of our NEW Sound of the Wood™ Genesis Series turntables. Our heirloom quality tables are custom designed using the finest audio components available coupled with handcrafted exotic hardwood bases and armboards. Audio aficionados and anyone looking for reliable superlative sound; better than the AR standard, look no further.

AR turntable restoration, modification services and parts available!