The Flat Earth Audio Story

FLAT EARTH AUDIO began in the mid-1990s as a high-end hifi retail business, founded by two longtime friends who shared an appreciation for great hifi equipment. Starting out in a small retail shop inWoodbridge, Connecticut (just north of New Haven), they dedicated themselves to offering the finest audio components and systems available, servicing customers by appointment. They identified with the British hifi “Flat Earth” philosophy that placed a priority on actually listening to music systems instead of comparing component specs, and on the strong belief that the best systems would have a natural rhythm and timing that would engage you… actually play music. They picked their product offerings carefully, considering performance, build quality, compatibility, price-point value, etc., and dealt with products by Naim, Linn, Arcam, Rega, Roksan, Lyra, and Royd, among others.

In their quest to offer the world’s finest products, they discovered Mana Acoustics Equipment Supports, which had a cult-like following the United Kingdom and Europe, but were only sold direct from the UK and had virtually no presence here in the US. They were floored by the almost magical “Mana Effect,” which somehow made their $2,000 CD player sound more like their $4,000 player (on a different high-end rack). They contacted John Watson, Mana Acoustic’s legendary designer and founder, to discuss ways that they might be able to offer these incredible products to their customers, and FLAT EARTH AUDIO soon became the Importer and Distributor of Mana Acoustics products here in the US.

John Watson then put FLAT EARTH AUDIO in contact with Billy Woodman, the legendary designer and founder of ATC (renown in professional circles for speakers and electronics), who was also looking a US importer. When they heard the unbelievable clarity, dynamics, and realism that the ATC speakers and electronics delivered, they knew that they had to import ATC products to establish a presence here in the US as well. FLAT EARTH AUDIO became the US Importer of ATC products, focusing on ATC’s stunning new consumer product lines intended for home use. FLAT EARTH AUDIO discontinued their hifi retail shop, focusing exclusively on importing and growing the US user base of its two world-class hifi product lines. They began establishing a US dealer network that continues to grow today.

FLAT EARTH AUDIO later was asked to be the US importer for SME Tonearms and parts.  We were expanding and decided to move to our new location  in Seymour, Connecticut,   FLAT EARTH AUDIO successfully continues in their original quest to offer the world’s finest sound reproduction equipment. In recognition of outstanding efforts and results in 2003, FLAT EARTH AUDIO’s Teresa Kregling was recently honored with ATC’s Distributor of the Year Award.

Flat Earth Audio had a few more changes.  In 2005 sadly to say Mana was no longer in business.  A great product, once you own you never part with.  July 2013.. ATC and Flat Earth Audio parted ways on good terms after 18 years.  We personaly own ATC’s and will stand by the product.  Flat Earth continues to distribute SME M2 series Tone Arms as well as replacement parts for all of their arms and tables.